Instruction to Authors

Online Submission

Authors are instructed to submit papers according to the scope of the journal. The manuscript should be submitted via e-mail to or

Types of Manuscript

  • Original full length paper

  • Short communication

  • Review articles

  • Case report and Letter to Editor

Manuscript Text

  • Manuscript should be brief; English should be the medium of communication, concise and typed in 1.15 line space with 1 inch margin on right side, 1.5 inch on left side. Ensure a cover letter mentioning the title and affiliations of author(s).


Abbreviations and name of species (italics or underlined) should be defined the first time that they are used in the article. All pages should be numbered.

Organized under: Abstract (200-350 words), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References.


Given Minimum three keyword.


Tables should be titled, self-descriptive.


To ensure the highest print quality, must be submitted in JPEG format.


Should be provided where required in TIFF or JPEG format. Each Figure, Table and Photograph must be at the end of the paper.

Reference Literature should

Be cited in Harvard, Numbered or Vancouver style.

Conflict of Interest

Mention if any.

Review Process

After receiving the manuscript considered by the Editor In chief it is forwarded to the sub editors and HJP members of editorial board who will supervise the review process. Articles that are in poor accordance with Journal format and not complying with the guidelines will be returned to the authors without review. Authors should return the Manuscript requiring revision within two months of the date of the request for revision, after the said time it will be considered as new submission.



Manuscripts should not have similarity index of more than 18% .


Mention the name of funding agency (If any).

Change To Authorship

Authors are expected to carefully choose and list the authors before submitting their manuscript. Any additon, rearrangemnt or deletion of authors in the authorship list should be made only "BEFORE" the manuscript has been accepted.