Ethical Guidelines

Ethical Guidelines for Authors

  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the research report and data contain adequate detail and references to the sources of information before submission in HJP in order to allow others to reproduce the results, knowingly inaccurate statement constitutes unethical behavior and will be unacceptable by HJP
  • It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ascertain that submitted article is original work, giving due credit, by virtue of proper citations, to the works and words of others where they are used.
  • Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is not acceptable.
  • In case manuscript has been found to have a similarity index of more than 18% it will be rejected.


  • Authors are required to provide an undertaking / declaration stating that the manuscript under consideration contains solely their original work that is not under consideration for publishing in any other journal in any form.
  • Authors can submit manuscript previously published in abstracted form, e.g. in the proceedings of an annual meeting, or in a periodical with limited circulation and availability e.g. reports by government agencies or university departments.

Acknowledgment of Sources

  • HJP requires author(s) to properly acknowledge the work of others, including clear indications of the sources of all information quoted or offered, except that what is common knowledge.